Thursday, March 10, 2011

(#1) We'll call him...Fitch

Ok, I have to admit, I met one guy from a free dating website before joining Match.  We got along great on the phone.  Fellow Christian.  Nice guy.  Polite.  Didn't cuss.  Didn't use the Lord's name in vain.  Respectful (that's #1 in my book, period!).  We had the big "meet".  Although I don't do coffee shops anymore, it's too "done", if you know what I mean, we did meet at a great one that I love.  Then we went to a sports bar to watch a football game.  It was a fun time.  But, there was no attraction.  That's ok. 

Here comes the fun part!

He proceeds to call me later that night in a bit of snit wanting to know if I'm one of those who expects him to pay, eats, and runs, with never a word.  Ok, so defenses up majorly at this point.  I said, "No!  I offered to pay my half, remember?!"  So then he backs down.

Then 2 days later he proceeds to tell me that I'm not his type because I enjoyed watching the game, and he didn't.  Yeah, ok, fine.  Seriously?  Then the real clincher came.  "I really can't see me with you because you don't like to wear stalkings and dresses." 

Ummm.....WHAT!?!  I'm serious as can be folks!

No worries.  The attraction just wasn't there for me either.  So, we decided to stay in touch as friends.  Carrying on a conversation with him was challenging, at best, by now simply because he's like a ping-pong ball all over the place.

So, he meets someone else & they start dating.  And, of course, now being only his friend, he tells me all about it.  No problem.

The big issue came a few weeks later when another game was on.  He texted me throughout the game (I had my kids that w/e).  He went from "I don't even care about the game."  "I don't care who wins."  "Who's even playing?" to "I'm at Ruby Tuesdays watching the game." and proceeded to cheer for the other team, quite voraciously.  I started getting tons of texts at that point about the other team's greatness.  I said, "I take it that (this new woman he was dating) is cheering for the other team?" Answer: "Yes. But that's not why I'm cheering for them."  Uh-huh!  That's EXACTLY why, my friends.  Just like he'd done cheering for my team when we went out.  No biggie.  I didn't care.  Really, seriously, I didn't.  I told him, "My whole family & most all my friends are cheering for the other team."  It's NO BIG DEAL.  Heck, my brother was even texting me & giving me grief.  I can take it. 

So then Fitch goes so far as to say....get this, are you ready???  "I've been telling you for weeks that I didn't want your team to win." you didn't....NEVER....not once!!!  Then, "I've been wanting the other team {that would be my team, here, folks} to be humbled."  And then(!), "I've been praying your team would lose!"  Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!  At this point I lost it laughing.  Ok, so in the course of 3 hours he went from "who's playing, I don't care about the game" to "I've been praying your team would lose so they can be humbled" oh yeah, and all this after he'd been (in his mind, at least) telling me he wanted my team to lose for weeks. 

So, I didn't communicate with him for a couple of days simply because he'd fried my brain at that point.  He just couldn't believe I would stop being friends over a football game. 

I finally got in touch with him to tell him that I just can't be around someone who can't make a decision & stand by it.  He's like a dang fish out of water floppin' around on the dock gasping for air.  Not me.  Be decisive.  Don't change your story every so often to fit the moment.  How is anything out of  your mouth something I can believe is real and not in the moment?  Truth is, I can't.

Ok, there's the first one.  More to follow!


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  2. Hi Merana,

    I look forward to reading more adventures in dating stories...very funny.