Thursday, March 10, 2011


Let me start by saying that I am NOT here to man-bash at all.  And I'm not remotely going to claim that I don't make mistakes.  I do!

My purpose in this blog is to chronicle the experiences I have with Internet dating.  And let me add that the reason I do Internet dating is simply because for all intents & purposes, I work alone, or with one other person.  The churches I've attended do not have singles.  There are no singles groups in my area, other than for the much younger crowd...and the senior crowd.  No, there's no single dad's in Scouts.  Haven't met one yet through sports.  Don't have any friends who have single friends.  ........

Are ya getting the gist here?  Unless God plans to drop one out of the sky (and I'm not saying He can't or won't), I'm finding it hard to meet men.  Heck, I'd like to get in touch with other single ladies just to have friends to do stuff with!  So....unless I plan to spend all my time alone (when not with my kids), I have to do something, right?  There's only so much stuff around the house & so much Netflix I can do before I need interaction with others.  Know what I mean?

History:  I took 14 mos. off of dating after having a bad experience (admittedly my own fault...should have listened to the 'ol gut!).  And God has given me tremendous clarity, character strength, and integrity in that waiting period.  And He's blessed me tremendously in that time too!

Ok, forward.  I decided to join with a whole different perspective.  Instead of doing it from the perspective of trying to find a relationship, I'm doing it from the perspective of just having something to do - communicate with men, perhaps go out from time to time, and see just how much I've learned/grown in the past 14 mos.  I figure it's an "entertainment expense".  So, I spent $120 for 6 months membership.  That's the special version that gets you all the bells & whistles.  Now the caveat with them is you can't hide your profile, (something else, which escapes me right now), and you have to send at least 5 e-mails out a month.  Yeah, ok....I can do that.  Now they are SOOOOO sure of their abilities to match you up with "someone special" that they guarantee if you haven't met that person within this 6 months, and you've done the things they want you to do, they will give you another 6 mos. for free.  Ok, what the heck!

Now, the interesting stuff has begun.  And it's been entertaining to say the least.  But, it felt such a waste to keep it all to myself.  Hence, the birth of this blog.  Hey, why keep all this fun in the shark (err, umm....I mean "dating") pool to myself or a few select friends/family?  Why not share it with the world? 

So, this is what ya get, folks.  I will not fabricate any of it.  I have to answer to God for speaking the truth here.  Of course, you may say, "Yeah, but why not create some fictional stories?"  I may in time via another means.  But for the purposes of this blog, I will tell only what REALLY happens.  Fair enough?

And let me add, for the record, that no one ever gets to meet my kids unless it is a solid relationship.  I'm not about to parade men into their lives only to have them leave just as quickly.  It's one thing for someone to walk out of my life.  I can handle the hurt.  But there is no way I'm ever going to expose my children to that.  Of course, I realize there's no guarantee that any relationship will work (my divorces speak volumes to that fact!), but I plan to minimize any impact on my kids.

Let the games begin!

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  1. I applaud you for keeping your children's safety & well being foremost in your dating experience. So many single parents don't. I do the same. In the future, the right guy will reveal he's trustworthy (over time...I stress time) then that's soon enough to meet your children. Beware of any guy who pushes for meeting them sooner than you are ready,or they are. Again, go with your gut.....not a safe man if he doesn't respect your boundaries. If you find yourself having to justify or explain your boundary, RUN (don't walk away), he's danger in the making. Some use humor to jab at your boundaries. It's just a different approach to disrespecting your boundaries. The right man will respect you for being the good mom you are, and looking out for your kids. A healthy man will want a woman who has boundaries.
    Looking forward to more of your blogging!