Wednesday, April 13, 2011

here''s a couple

Men can be so incredibly transparent.  Well....I suppose we all can be, huh?  

So, let me introduce "Clark".  Got a lovely e-mail from him telling me about himself...more than is disclosed in his profile.  Seems he has experienced a lot of loss in his life:  parents at a young age, the uncle that raised him died when he was 27, and his wife died 6 years ago.  He's lived in the US for awhile & transferred local to me from TX.  I e-mailed back that I was sorry he's experienced all that loss, and inquired about him living here in the US from Ireland, etc., etc.  Ya know, pleasant conversation to get to know him.  His reply back, "Please let me know if you have yahoo messenger."  That was it!  I replied back that I only have it on my home computer, which I rarely use.  His response:  "What is your screen name and the best time we can chat? Please do not forget to send me some pictures of yourself."  Ok, so after the ensuing laughter & rolling of the eyes, I realize this is a P-L-A-Y-E-R!  Do not forget to send me some pictures?  Hello?  Look at my profile!  That's all you'll ever be seeing of this girl!  Idiot!

Before that we have "Keebler".  We've been talking for over a month now.  We were supposed to meet a few weeks ago, but he woke up sick that day.  Of course, I didn't quite appreciate that he waited 'til 3 hours before we were suppose to meet to call it off, but gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Then about 1.5 wks ago, as we're talking, it became apparent that he had issues with his mother.  Then later in the conversation it was obvious he has issues with one of his sisters too.  And let's not forget to mention issues with his ex-wife.  In short, it was obvious ....he's just got issues!  Then he called to see if we were still going to meet this past weekend.  I told him I had to beg off this time (remember, he begged off the previous time!) because I needed to go pick up something Friday night with my neighbor's truck, so therefore everything I had intended to do Friday night now was put off 'til Sat., I had plans Sat. evening, and then Sunday was time I spent with my dad.  I also hadn't called him prior to this b/c life was just crazy in my house with the boys & trying to get everything worked out for the weekend.  Not that I owed him explanations at all.  My business is my own.  But I was trying to be up front & honest.  Anyway, haven't heard anything from him.  I think that's best.

Truthfully, I like to let them "end" it in their own mind.  That way they won't come back & bug me!  Ever see the movie "10 Ways to Lose a Guy"?  Doesn't take much!  LOL!

The entertainment continues....


  1. Hi Merana,

    I admit I haven't been following the Chronicles of Merana lately, but since I'm unable to sleep, I thought I would check out the latest 4-1-1.

    "Men can be so incredibly transparent." -- Really? Being single is something which I didn't envision at this point in my life. I sent my wife a divorce document to review last week and I haven't heard back from her. It seems so wierd now when we talk, it's as if we're strangers. I suppose she feels the need to be this way so that she can maintain the disconnect.

    For the past two months I have been writing her and she would never respond until finally last week when she told me she has moved on and doesn't love me. When I read her email, I thought about how David fasted and prayed for the life of his child and when told that the child was dead, he accepted that truth to everyone's amazement. That's kinda how I felt.

    Still, I cannot imagine finding someone I could love as much. I don't know much about dating since I haven't done it in a long, long time, but I think that for the present time, I will abstain for now. A Christian suggested that I wait until six months after my divorce, and I think that is probably sound advice. I don't know if I'll would start a chronicle, but for now, I can vicariously learn the dos and don'ts for guys (from a woman's point of view).

    Blessings and peace.


  2. Ok, MTJ - perhaps, indeed, I should say "people" can be so transparent. Fair enough. I am SO sorry for what you're experiencing. I know you really tried to make things work & that it hurts you & I do pray for you, dear friend! Yes, hopefully, my "chronicles" can help you see dating from a woman's perspective. But never more than God's guiding light will, which I know you already know! Truthfully, sometimes I think that's why I'm going through all these help my boys understand how best to treat girls & they don't grow up to be like these idiots I encounter. All I know is that I trust God with it all! Hugs & love, sweet friend~Merana

  3. Merana- Unfortunately some guys use the "sensitive" touch to reel the woman in initially, but I'm a firm believer that the truth is always revealed in time. (And sometimes it doesn't take long) Regarding your 1st experience in this post, feeling sorry for him may have been his act and what has apparently worked for him in the past. We women tend to be very soft and nurturing, so the wrong guys know how to appeal to that side of us to manipulate us.

    Good for you that you were alert! Always a woman should be cautious and refrain from IM's outside of the environment set up in the online dating service. Also the emailing outside of the dating service is a bad idea. He can send you some inappropriate stuff, or even a virus (so to speak). You never know who's on the other side and where, there's scammers everywhere pretending to be people they are not.
    Have a great weekend!-Ella